April 13, 2012

zombie apocalypse preparationThere have been a number of z-poc survival guides published in the last few years, but none so informative, comprehensive or hilarious as ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PREPARATION: HOW TO SURVIVE IN AN UNDEAD WORLD AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! by David Houchins and Scot Thomas (Permuted Press, March 2012). You may know these guys from their popular Facebook page, Zombie Apocalypse Preparation, where they deliver daily laughs while examining virtually every aspect of survival during the zombie apocalypse. Dead serious while being deadly funny, this illustrated book covers different types of outbreaks, guns and ammo, virtually every other type of weapon, armor, transportation, zombie fighting tactics, tips for the bug-out bag, how to find and fortify a safe house, and how to stay sane and entertained in an undead world, including the sure-to-be-popular zombie bowling and zombie skeet shoot. It’s a must have for anyone seeking to not just survive, but thrive when the **** hits the fan. Recommended.

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