February 21, 2012

walking dead-rise of the governor by robert kirkman and jay bonansingaIn THE WALKING DEAD: RISE OF THE GOVERNOR by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga, fans of the comic are treated to a novelized story of one of the series’ most loathsome villains, the Governor. The story begins with a group of survivors, including Blake, the man who would become the governor, as they try to survive during the zombie apocalypse popularized in THE WALKING DEAD TV and comic series. Every time they find a safe place, their hopes are dashed, and they are forced to move on. Eventually they come to Woodbury, where what’s left of the citizenry are dying by inches. Blake will prove the leader they need, becoming the Governor. The story is not very complicated and will seem familiar to zombie fiction fans despite an interesting twist, but it’s well told.

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