November 19, 2011

shock totemRobert J. Duperre, author of THE FALL, reviewed THE INFECTION for the fourth issue of SHOCK TOTEM, which besides reviews and interviews, is also chock full of previously unpublished horror fiction from Weston Ochse, Lee Thompson and others. Duperre writes, “DiLouie does a cut-up job of presenting what it would really be like if everything were to fall apart. The human element is on full display here–the longing, the despair, the paralyzing fear … To say that I found THE INFECTION to be astute and poignant would be an understatement. It’s inventive and fresh, offering an insider’s perspective on pain and terror … This is a really good book, folks. It made me edgy, sad, joyous and angry–sometimes at the same time. DiLouie is an author who knows his voice, and he uses it to near perfection … this small-press offering is just about as good as it gets.”

Check it out here on pp. 62-64.

Thanks, Robert!

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