The Killing Floor by Craig DiLouie

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“THE KILLING FLOOR is a high-octane, nail-biter of a zombie novel. Psychologically complex and emotionally devastating. Craig DiLouie is one of the new masters of zombie fiction.”
– Jonathan Maberry, author of DEAD OF NIGHT

“A unique and startling vision of Armageddon … DiLouie takes the nightmare of THE INFECTION and ratchets up the horror to another level. Recommended!”
– David Moody, author of AUTUMN and HATER, complete review here

“Craig DiLouie’s THE KILLING FLOOR is every kind of horror rendered down in one truly amazing apocalyptic novel … It’s what all sequels want to be.”
– Peter Clines, author of EX-HEROES and -14-

“Craig DiLouie is a writer of many talents, but his real gift is for dropping superbly drawn characters into harrowing action sequences so thrilling you can’t help but get lost in his nightmares … With THE KILLING FLOOR, he’s taken the zombie apocalypse to a terrifying new level. This is more than a great sequel. This is a lesson in how the killing gets done in zombie country.”
– Joe McKinney, author of FLESH EATERS

“I am in awe of this author’s ability to make not only his fiction feel real but also his power to craft moving characters. He is one of the best of this generation of horror authors.”
– Eric S. Brown, author of the BIGFOOT WAR series

“THE KILLING FLOOR … goes far beyond really good. It enters rarefied air and becomes great. And when I say great, I mean Stephen King/Robert McCammon great, as in a nearly flawless work of dystopian brilliance … I heartily recommend it, along with THE INFECTION, its predecessor, to just about anybody. Absolutely virtuoso read.”
– SHOCK TOTEM, complete review here

“A harrowing saga of a horrifying yet believable apocalypse … I highly recommend this novel.”
– Horror Review, complete review here

“Again, DiLouie has created a cast of strong, intelligent, well-developed characters that suck you into the story and don’t let go. THE KILLING FLOOR is a great sequel to [THE INFECTION]. It’s a fast, powerful journey to the end of the world–and the beginnings of a new one.
– Swamp Dweller, full review here

“Gave me nightmares … Last year I said that Craig DiLouie was one of my top picks that had set the standard for horror in 2011–he just raised the bar for 2012.”
–, complete review here

“Craig DiLouie qualifies as a must read. His prose is quick, razor sharp and unflinching. The literary equivalent of getting hit with a heart defibrillator. It’s a treat to read someone who writes with a true love of the constructs of the genre. If you haven’t read Craig DiLouie yet, stop reading right now, and buy his book.”
–, complete review here

“It’s like THE WALKING DEAD with the action and monsters of a LEFT FOR DEAD or RESIDENT EVIL video game. Get this book … You’ll relish walking the line between man and monster as you enter THE KILLING FLOOR.”
– Ravenous Monster, complete review here

“Fine drama, great interactions between its characters and a spectacular story line … It’s the kind of book that one wants to curl up in a favorite chair and finish the book very quickly. It carries the reader with an accelerated pace akin to being caught in a giant snowball.”
– Living Dead Media, complete review here


“Get ready to be dragged to hell and back and then eaten and spit back out. Yeah, you’re in for a ride.”
–, complete review here

“A non-stop brutal ride through post-apocalyptic America … To call this a zombie book is a disservice. It is more a book of horrific ecological invasion, a character driven epic of vast potential. This was the best book I have read this year, and I suggest that if you like Horror you would do well to read THE KILLING FLOOR.”
– Gareth Wood, author of RISE, complete review here

“It isn’t often I recommend titles knowing full well that this is the second book in the series, but this zombie story is so awesome that I have to say, get both books now … a really amazing roller coaster ride of a zombie series that will knock your socks off.”
– The Zombie Librarian, complete review here

“A definite thumbs up for THE KILLING FLOOR … DiLouie continues to impress with his ability to develop characters that are believable and … keep the reader on their toes with highly intense scenes.”
– Headshot Reviews, complete review here

“Definitely a good read and a crazy mix of flavor. While strongly ‘zombie’ in nature, the twist of horror is pretty fantastic … terrors that make the living dead seem warm and fuzzy in comparison.”
–, complete review here

“Crisp, sharp … THE KILLING FLOOR is a well-crafted follow up to THE INFECTION.”
– Patrick D’Orazio, author of the COMES THE DARK trilogy, complete review here

“Relentless … It’s a crusher of a book, giving the reader only rare pauses to catch their breath. The quick pace will have fans of zombie/monster novels clipping through to its blood-fraught ending.”
–, complete review here

“Packed with interesting, sympathetic characters and compelling sub-plots, THE KILLING FLOOR is an exciting read.”
– Horror Fiction Review, complete review here

“I was placed face-to-face with a terror even more insidious than the original infection. Quickly evolving and mutating, I never knew how the disease would attack next. And to make matters worse, my love for the tribe was shaken as its members were forced to choose sides … Once again, Craig DiLouie has succeeded in grabbing hold of my attention, and holding on tightly until the very end.”
– Twisted Central, complete review here

“What does it say when I stay up till 3AM to finish reading a book? It says the book was pretty damn good! … The thing I really like about this book is how DiLouie convincingly creates real people that seem to jump of the page rather than just two-dimensional characters you couldn’t care less for.”
-Dollar Bin Horror, complete review here

“A must-read if you’re interested in the zombie genre. Craig DiLouie has cemented his place as a top author in my ‘read immediately’ list.”
– Duffbert’s Random Musings, complete review here

“Filled with bloody action and monsters galore–a perfect apocalyptic vision of the world. It’s an exciting read, and definitely one of my favorite books this year.”
– A Life in the Day, complete review here

“A post-apocalyptic thriller … a world in chaos, potential death at every corner … DiLouie’s world is in constant turmoil. And this style of genre and writing made the novel a delight for this reviewer.”
–, complete review here

“As a non-zombie fan, I found it interesting and entertaining. An even greater recommendation is that I want to now go back and read the first novel and want to see a third!”
–, complete review here

“Powerfully written books [THE INFECTION and THE KILLING FLOOR] filled with heartache and loss punctuated with moments of visceral horror and violence. Gripping is an exceedingly accurate description of these stories.”
–, complete review here

“A series that should appeal beyond the preconceived notions of the genre.”
– Ric’s Reviews, complete review here

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