April 16, 2012

The Killing Floor by Craig DiLouieJoe McKinney, a leading author in zombie fiction who just won a well-deserved Stoker Award for FLESH EATERS, reviewed THE KILLING FLOOR and says:

“Craig DiLouie is a writer of many talents, but his real gift is for dropping superbly drawn characters into harrowing action sequences so thrilling you can’t help but get lost in his nightmares. He writes the kind of horror that makes your skin prickle when you look at the book on your nightstand. The next time somebody asks you for the best zombie fiction out there, point them Craig DiLouie’s way. He consistently delivers pulse-pounding excitement, and with THE KILLING FLOOR, he’s taken the zombie apocalypse to a terrifying new level. This is more than a great sequel. This is a lesson in how the killing gets done in zombie country.”

That’s fantastic praise from one of the best authors in the biz. Thank you, Joe!

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3 Responses to “Joe McKinney Reviews THE KILLING FLOOR”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Holy nutsack! I’ve been checking amazon for this book since late 2011 and didn’t stop until you posted the May release date! Had no idea it was out on April 9 so I read the latest Joe Ledger Novel. Decided to check Permuted Press today like I had done so many times in the past and was almost pissed myself. Ok that’s a bit much but I was pretty damn excited! I’m amped Craig! Refused to read this review until I’ve read the book which I’m starting now. Thanks again Craig I’ll post after I check this bad boy out!

  2. Bobby Cooper Says:

    I read The Infection and I instantly became a DiLouis fan, and then I read Tooth n Nail ,and I still cant decide which is better!I think maybe theyare equals just different stories! The Killing Floor is on the way in the mail , I wanted to download it but I though it just didnt do it justice not seeing the cover art and the feel of the book!! I dont think Im gonna make it till it gets here and Im gonna download it!!!!

  3. Craig DiLouie Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, guys! Hope you enjoy the read!

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