January 22, 2012

Jacqueline Druga, author of FLU by Permuted Press, reviews THE INFECTION in this video review, giving it 5 stars and calling it “amazing! It captured me, I was engrossed, I couldn’t put it down. I had nightmares!” At the end she gave me what is probably the highest compliment a horror author can receive. Thanks, Jackie!

Check it out below:

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One Response to “Jacqueline Druga Reviews THE INFECTION”

  1. Bobby cooper Says:

    That was an awesome review! And doing it from a video aspect makes it even more realistic. I thought Infection was great. One of the best! Good job! I did one a while ago ,a video for J Maberrys. Patient Zero. Im not an author or anything, Just when I really enjoy a book I like to write reviews. I think ill do a video for Infection too. It def deserves it.

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