May 29, 2012

This concept trailer, shot for 1200 pounds and looking for more to make the concept into a feature film, looks totally insane. Set in a future in which the world is collapsing due to environmental depletion and multinational corporations and governments merge to form a small number of elite power groups, IN GOD WE TRUST tells the story of a scientist who discovers a way to talk to God and learn the true nature of God’s will. When the scientist is abducted by corporate elements to subvert the End of Days, the Church responds with force, and this unlikely hero must decide to fate of humanity–salvation of destruction. Somebody give these guys some money to make this movie!

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One Response to “Insane Concept Trailer For IN GOD WE TRUST”

  1. David Macauley Says:

    It certainly looks like the end result would be a cut above. I hope these guys attract some corporate interest and get it made.

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