July 6, 2012

H10N1 by M.R. CorneliusIn H10N1, synthetic plagues rip the world apart, resulting in the hopeless, gradual implosion of America. As the nation collapses and the elites bunker down in well-stocked medical facilities, a female epidemiologist who loses her job connects with a “guy who get things done” type who has his own plans for riding things out. The result is an unlikely collaboration and road trip across what’s left of America, fighting bandits and crazies in an effort to find a safe place. The guy who gets things done starts off pretty darn unlikable, and later in the book the interaction between some of the characters is sometimes excessively cute, but these were minor quibbles for me. This is a solid effort by a good writer–a nuanced vision of America dying of plague and a strong character-driven story, more thoughtful than your usual apocalyptic fare. I liked it.

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