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September 18, 2014

Axe’s powerful alluring effect on women takes the ultimate test.

September 17, 2014

In LAST DAYS ON MARS (2013), an expedition to the red planet uncovers an amazing find–life–but, as it turns out, the highly infectious kind. It was a great movie. The set design, the acting, the action–everything was top notch in this space zombie thriller. The long windup of what life in an expedition to Mars would be like was so well done I would have been happy to watch it without the zombies. Recommended.

September 15, 2014

cost of living by david moodyIn THE COST OF LIVING, a novella by David Moody, a horrifying disease turns its victims into germ-spewing creatures who in turn hunt out the uninfected. In an English suburb, Stuart, a family man struggling to make ends meet, sees what’s coming after hearing about the disease for the time, while his neighbors deny it could ever come to Britain. But come it does, first to the big cities, then to the suburbs, then right to his front door.

Stuart finds himself faced with constant decisions about how to manage his panicking family and other survivors, resulting in an emerging theme–what is the cost of living, aka, survival?

The story is classic David Moody, with less a focus on the sensational–though the zombies are cool–and more on the struggle between ordinary people faced with impossible circumstances. With Moody’s stories, you’re always guaranteed a story about people with zombies in it, not the other way around.

Stuart is sympathetic as he tries to think clearly and make rational decisions while his options continue to constrict around him and his family gets increasingly rebellious. Over time, he grows less sympathetic as he increasingly leaps to shortcuts to security, justifying every action as being done for the greater good–that is, keeping his family alive. Then he become sympathetic again as it becomes clear his fortress, running out of food and water, may ultimately become a deathtrap.

THE COST OF LIVING is a fast, fun read by one of my favorite zombie fiction authors. Recommended.

September 4, 2014

In LEGO world.

September 3, 2014


An entertaining interactive zombie apocalypse video. Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being killed by the zombies. What happens depends entirely on your choices as the viewer.


Humanity faces a scourge of zombies who quote Christopher Walken films.



Funny short by 5 Second Films.


Is a Nazi zombie just a Nazi who became a zombie, or a zombie who is extra evil because it’s a Nazi? Check the below funny video to explore these and other potential ethical zombie dilemmas.


And he’s not happy about it.


“We’re safe, but for how long?”


Two zombies find themselves devouring opposite ends of the same length of intestine, and fall in love.


Believe in your dreams.


No zombies, but apocalyptic–and funny. The final battle between good and evil begins over lunch.

August 15, 2014

Nerd Empire (great name for a website) reviewed TOOTH AND NAIL, writing, “I was very satisfied with this action packed rager! I highly recommend it!”‘

Apparently, it was the blogger’s first zombie book, and it’s sold him on reading more of the genre. That’s a win!

Check out the rest of the review here.

August 11, 2014

Hardly Working takes on that most venerable of zombie movie tropes, the guy who hides a zombie bite.

August 5, 2014

I may be alone in this, but I just didn’t like the Governor, who struck me as too much of a stock villain. In the second half of Season 4, in my view, THE WALKING DEAD got back to what made the show great. Season 5 looks even better–here’s the preview!

July 30, 2014

No, not that Charlie bit my finger. This one’s a great little zombie short shot in first person.

July 29, 2014

I had a lot of fun playing LAST NIGHT ON EARTH, a zombie board game, with some writer pals.

The game is tongue and cheek but ruthless. It’s hard to win as the survivors!

The game is split between players controlling the zombies and those controlling the plucky survivors, each a stereotype from a typical zombie movie. I played the high school sweetheart and the drifter. My friend Adam played Billy the track star (the high school sweetheart’s boyfriend) and his dad, the sheriff. We were all split up and had to find each other and weapons while the zombie horde grew around us. The zombie players get a lot of action cards that make life hell for the survivors.

The wounded sheriff flees to safety whlie the drifter digs around the garage for weapons and Billy and his girl team up, locked and loaded, at the high school.

The sheriff got killed pretty early in the game after his revolver ran out of bullets (which I saw as movie justice for not believing the crazy drifter’s warnings). After the lights went out in the high school, Billy and his girl fought back to back with a shotgun and revolver and killed every zombie that came near. The zombies now focused on my hapless drifter, who couldn’t find a weapon and barely escaped one tight spot after the next.

The zombie players, led by the evil Erika, played a "lights out" card, cutting the power to the high school. Billy and his girl are soon fighting back to back as zombies pour into the building.

I imagined him barely surviving so he could find Billy and his girl and tell them the reason for the zombies. Then they could go on the offensive and finish the zombies off to win the game, just like in a movie.

Sadly, the horde caught up to and overran the drifter, thus ending the game, creating a movie zombies would like to see.

The poor, crazy drifter tried to warn the town, but nobody listened. His secret went with him to the grave, or rather, into the bellies of a bunch of zombies.

It was a fun game, very playable and balanced, and I’m looking forward to taking another crack at it. I had just one complaint, which is the rules are a bit hazy, so you might end up having to make some of your own house rules on the fly.