June 5, 2011

28 days laterWhile attending the screening of THE COLLAPSED, I won a raffle held by Another Dimension Comics (Calgary’s most awesome comic book store): a copy of 28 DAYS LATER: LONDON CALLING. Can’t wait to dig into it.

Thanks for the loot, Another Dimension Comics!

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3 Responses to “28 DAYS LATER: LONDON CALLING, The Graphic Novel”

  1. Glenn Michael Scott Says:

    It was okay, but ended rather disappointingly (i.e. didn’t end). That’s why serial graphic novels irritate me…

  2. Craig DiLouie Says:

    I agree. And what I did get in my honest opinion wasn’t compelling enough for me to buy the next issue.

  3. Glenn Michael Scott Says:

    Really? Given the lack of zombie(ish) comics, I think I will probably give the second issue a go. I do admit it was underwhelming…

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