April 16, 2014

For all you folks who love to write.

April 14, 2014

THE TROOP by Nick CutterHere’s a great read for you horror fans–THE TROOP by Nick Cutter. In this novel, a scout troop is led by their scoutmaster into the remote Canadian wilderness on an uninhabited island for their annual weekend camping trip. A man stumbles upon their camp dying of a bioengineered plague, threatening them with infection.

The writing wasn’t my cup of tea at first–like many horror writers, the author at first appeared to be channeling Stephen King when only King should be King. When the infection reveals itself, however, the novel really kicks in and the fun starts. The star of the book, in fact, is the infection itself–it’s truly horrifying and sickening. Both the organism itself and the effects it has on those it infects. It didn’t take long for my plodding to become racing through the pages. And at the end, you will be thinking, “This thing had better get a sequel.” If Cutter writes one–in which the infection breaks quarantine–it’s going to be crazy.

I highly recommend this one for those seeking a familiar horror story that reads like something entirely original.

April 11, 2014

The Thin White Line by Craig DiLouieLPStoBSNonline.org has published a list of some 100 books as part of its ultimate reading list for nurses–”some of the most respected and widely read books about nursing from an assortment of genres”–and included my self-published book, THE THIN WHITE LINE. Previously, this book was named to LVNtoRN.net’s Top 50 Must-Read Books for Nurses in 2012.

Written in 2008, THE THIN WHITE LINE reads like a fictional history of a severe influenza pandemic occurring in 2012. In other words, it’s fictional but reads like non-fiction, dense with well-researched technical detail about what a flu pandemic would actually look like in a Western country, including the difficulties healthcare providers would face under the constant stress of overwork, isolation of quarantine and risk of infection.

It’s a real honor to see my fiction recognized in this way! Thanks for including THE THIN WHITE LINE in the list!

Get the paperback here and the eBook here (the eBook is available FREE).

April 9, 2014

The post-apocalyptic game THE LAST OF US is set for a film adaptation by Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures. GamePlanet.com has the story here.

April 7, 2014

MONSTERS (2010) was a terrific film, launching director Gareth Edwards into his gig directing GODZILLA. Now he’s producing a sequel to MONSTERS, titled MONSTERS: THE DARK CONTINENT. The monsters have broken out of the infected zones, resulting in a war with humanity to see who will be at the top of the food chain.

In the Middle East, a band of American soldiers are sent deep into monster territory to capture or kill a rogue American soldier. Looks promising!

Catch the trailer here: